R.Stock AG is a German High Precision Tool and Tool Holder manufacturer. Founded more than 130 years ago in Berlin, Germany.

STOCK, as they are more commonly known in the industry, have a wide variety of Drilling, Milling, Reaming and Threading tools. STOCK manufactures standard or customer-specific cutting tools made from a range of materials such as carbide, high speed steel and PCD.

Sumitomo Electric Carbide is a division of Sumitomo Corporation based in Germany. A global leader with their SUMIBORON and SUMIDIA specialised materials, they are a trusted brand in many machining operations from drilling, turning, milling and boring.

Sumitomo Electric Carbide not only offers exceptional tools, but also offers exceptional advice from their highly qualified technicians and application engineers. Sumitomo Electric Carbide has production facilities located in Lauchheim, Germany and Jihlava, Czech Republic servicing Europe, The Middle East and Africa.

Global leader in technical ceramics, cermet and PcBN materials, Ceramtec offers a wide variety of turning, milling, boring systems, tool holders and accessories all made from the highest quality materials. Ceramtec has been manufacturing for over 100 years, and are active all over the globe. Their advanced R&D department ensures customers are always receiving the highest quality cutting tools.

Tiefbohrtechnik, operating out of Dettingen a. d. Erms, manufactures exceptional quality deep hole drills, ranging from single-lip drills, double-lip drills to drills with indexable inserts. Founded in 1966, their dedication to manufacturing specialised deep hole drills has made them the reliable choice for deep hole drilling.